S is for Striped.

blazer, pants and bracelets: f21 ; tee and necklace: anthro ; shoes: urban

i have had this striped blazer from forever literally forever and loved it with these harem-ish pants. the multi-chain necklace is one of my fav's, it dresses up anything and the shoes i have in like 3 colors, they rock!

i wanted to shout a HUGE Thank You to all of you that read and have been commenting, you dont even know how much i appreciate it and im glad you all love the blog! :) :) :)

have a wonderful week!

xx Ang


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Gorgeous striped blazer! I really love the strands of those gold necklaces! xoxoxoo

Sofi Stellar said...

Very nice outfit. I love the blazer and the bracelets!

Eden said...

love your blazer:)))

Anonymous said...

that is one awesome blazer!
love the nautical stripes! :)
stop by sometime, xx natalie

Hannah said...

Love your blog xx

Alexandra Amico said...

love the back of the jacket!


Lex said...

Fantastic outfit. I love the Harem type pants. They are one of my favorite styles right now.


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