chains of love

found this site from one of my fav bloggers, karen from wheredidugetthat.com. i love crosses and they do such interesting things with them to make their jewelry. i cant lie, i need a few of these pieces.
xx Ang

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i !!!! headwraps.

love this diy turbanish-headwrap!! my friends posted it on my fb wall and it is a def must recreate!! check out the instructions here it is super easy to make! [imagine it in all black velvet... !!!!!!]


Gee Wa Wa

the gee wa wa "future" <3


these new ciroc commericals with P. Diddy crack me up, especially the "ladies toes" part! HA!! ;) funny but true.

faux fur vests = ! ! !

my fav is the first one, from Anarchy Street that's $102. the second one is from f21 obviously the more wallet conscious version. i'm in the works of making one myself, hopefully it'll be done soon and i'll post pics!


leopard = love

i've become pretty obsessed with leopard lately and desperately need this cardi!
i just got a pair of blue calf JC Ticks from Solestruck and could def picture myself wearing them with this. i'll post pics of the Ticks soon, they are pretty badass, if i do say so myself. ;)

mink tongue converse

soo in love with this diy project! i love converse in general but adding a fur tongue just takes them to the next level. i think im going to have to make these myself, they are fantastic!!!

check out the directions and make 'em yourself here!

photos: indecorous taste


shoe porn, thanks jc

the new multi colored sequin Lita. already sold out pretty much everywhere, sooo preeeeetty!!

@solestruck and nasty gal

photos from solestruck and nasty gal


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