[mini] vaca -- orlando, fl

I'm in Orlando for a long weekend, and my Aunt got married on Thursday in the most adorable little chapel here in Winter Park! (right outside Orlando) while here I also attended my first estate sale this morning, that just happened to be going on right in my Aunt's neighborhood! i got some ADORABLE earrings for 10 cents!!! my Grandma and I have been looking in the newspaper for any others that will be going on while we are here, she had just as much fun at the sale as I did! here's a few pics, one of the chapel and one of my 10 cent earrings!! :) Happy Friday!!


Possible Trend -- bright lipstick/gloss

While looking through photos on websites of fashion week, there have been a few possible trends I've noticed. Some designers have gone with a more stand out approach with makeup on their models using bright lipstick. I've seen bright almost highlighter looking pink and orange, and it actually looks pretty cute on some of these models. It is a look that I know not everyone will go for but for the daring, it is worth a try! here is a photo from the Holly Fulton collection, she used bright orange! I'm prob. going to give this look a try, no eye makeup just bright lipstick! I'll post photos!! :)

photo: Holly Fulton, topshop blog


let's talk about this...[stackable rings]

I have always lovedddd the stackable rings that are sold at tiffany's (and still do) but recently while searching on etsy I found the most adorable stackable rings!!! they can be engraved to say whatever you choose, ie: names or sayings. each ring is imprinted with a seperate stamp for each letter, which means they will never be perfect and the letters will never be even which adds to the charm that these fab rings already have! tinytokensdesigns is the etsy store owner, and at $19 per ring, the price is right! I totally plan on purchasing one and mixing it with different styles of rings to create a really cool stack on my finger!

like these!! mix and match! :)

i want, i need...i want!

so Anthropologie has these so unbelievably cute coin purse necklaces and I am, to say the least OBSESSED!! I want one of these necklaces so bad, but I'm a little thrown off by the $228 price. I am, as I type trying to come up with a DIY project to make one of my own, if I have any success with this idea I will be sure to post!! meanwhile check out the fabulousness that is below!! ;)

necklace: Anthropologie


crack open a book.

This book "The Sartorialist" by Scott Schuman is chock full of photos of stylish women and men. I consider it almost a "style bible" that can inspire you to change your look, or try different things with the turn of every page!
book: Anthropologie $25


Yes, Please.

I totally LOVE this dress and booties, especially as an outfit together! It's the perfect look for spring, effortless and stylish!! And the best thing is they wont cost you an arm and a leg, both are just $58- Check 'em out!! :)

Dress and Shoes: Urban Outfitters


I am officially obsessed with my new moccasins I got while I was in Tennesee!!
I plan on wearing them with pretty much everything I own, besides being so cute, they are super comfy!
Today I wore them with black leggings and a long zip-up hoodie <3 it!

shoes: Minnetonka


"legends never die"

I know I'm a little late in my posting about this, but I must give recognition and tribute to the late and more than great designer, Alexander McQueen. He was more than an inspiration to many people, especially the lovers of the fashion and art world. Having gone to fashion school, McQueen was a designer that we all aspire to be, he was daring, creative, clever and for lack of better words absolutely amazing! He is someone that will always be remembered and that no one will be able to replicate, he truly was a one in a million talent and designer and the fashion world has lost another wonderful and brilliant soul. I'll end this with a couple pics of my favorites of his designs (especially ones with SJP). RIP Alexander McQueen.

my wheels are turning

So there has been so much going on in my life lately, I have had so much inspiration and seen so many beautiful things! I went on a week getaway to Gatlinburg, TN with my sister, boyfriend and some friends. I was so inspried and moved by almost everything I saw. Being from Florida, I never see mountains and definitely never see snow and saw both while in an adorable kitchy town. Gatlinburg is a touristy area in Tennessee and is so different from anywhere I've ever been which made the vacation even more fun and enjoyable. I saw some beautiful things while away, snow covered trees and mountains and frozen trees that shimmered in the sun, it was just a sight to see and I had to share some gorgeous photos I took!


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