quarter century.

a few of my Instagram photos from my 25th birthday yesterday.
It was the big one, quarter century- I feel old, teehee.

I've been slacking ass on the photos lately. I'll be going to Key West for my belated birthday celebration this weekend and plan on taking lots of pics!

xx A



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tee, denim, collar: LF ; sneaks: Chucks ; bracelets and ring: LF and F21
This vintage tee from LF makes me happy. I am a huge cornball Disney lover and this had my name written all over it! Minnie is my real favorite but beggars can't be choosers ;). I have been dying for a detachable collar and so happy that I dug through the containers on the cash register. Found this beaut and was beyond stoked.
xx A


feathers and leather.

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open knit: LF ; leather shorts: Nasty Gal ; hat: F21 ; boots: Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck

These leather shorts are amaze. I had my eye on them for a long time, when they went on insane sale on NastyGal.com, MINE! Put them with yet another fab piece from LF and JC "Tardies", pretty sweet look. ;)

xx A


obsessed: mka.

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photos from Olsens Anonymous

I am so obsessed with these 4 photos of MKA I had to share them.
1. Ashley: I die for that hat, I am just in love with the photo in general
2. Elle UK Photoshoot: the pieces are simply to die for!
3. MK: I am so inspired by this look. I've wanted a pair of platform loafers for a while now and hers are ideal. Did I mention the run in her tights?!?!!
4. Dynamic Duo: This pic is so cute, I love that they are both wearing red lipstick. Although you can't see the entire looks, they're still always styled beautifully.

xx A


hot child.

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vintage flannel and jeans: LF ; racer back and shades: Urban Outfitters

Yes, I am obsessed with flannels/plaid/button downs. Of course this one is from LF, I am crazy about the cut out back! I'm not the only button down loving chick, at least my friend Lauren feels the same as I do. We both tried on like 18 of them at the store the other night. Love the way the racer back looks through the cut out, pretty sweet. ;)

xx A


lady luck.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
vintage flannel & gladiators: LF ; shorts: Urban Outfitters ; bag: MBMJ ; bracelets: LF and Tiffany&Co.

Obsessed with this flannel! the high-low hem and the (lucky)horse shoe on the back are soo good, I plan on throwing it on with everything. Yes, I have a shopping problem - as I like to believe all fashion bloggers do - and I have hit up LF's sale like 4 times. They have such fab deals right now I can't resist, not to mention it is one of my fav places to shop.

Happy Sunday peeps ;)

xx A


TGIF: today's outfit.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
sweater: H&M ; shorts: Free People ; boots: Steve Madden ; bracelets: LF and Tiffany&Co
I love these lingerie like shorts. You don't know how many times I had to say "No, they are not underwear". I know I don't have to explain that to my blogger friends ;) I love them mixed with the chunky sweater, and the combat boots make it more day/casual instead of sexy.
xx A


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