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found this site from one of my fav bloggers, karen from wheredidugetthat.com. i love crosses and they do such interesting things with them to make their jewelry. i cant lie, i need a few of these pieces.
xx Ang

photos from: chains of love

i !!!! headwraps.

love this diy turbanish-headwrap!! my friends posted it on my fb wall and it is a def must recreate!! check out the instructions here it is super easy to make! [imagine it in all black velvet... !!!!!!]


Gee Wa Wa

the gee wa wa "future" <3


these new ciroc commericals with P. Diddy crack me up, especially the "ladies toes" part! HA!! ;) funny but true.

faux fur vests = ! ! !

my fav is the first one, from Anarchy Street that's $102. the second one is from f21 obviously the more wallet conscious version. i'm in the works of making one myself, hopefully it'll be done soon and i'll post pics!


leopard = love

i've become pretty obsessed with leopard lately and desperately need this cardi!
i just got a pair of blue calf JC Ticks from Solestruck and could def picture myself wearing them with this. i'll post pics of the Ticks soon, they are pretty badass, if i do say so myself. ;)

mink tongue converse

soo in love with this diy project! i love converse in general but adding a fur tongue just takes them to the next level. i think im going to have to make these myself, they are fantastic!!!

check out the directions and make 'em yourself here!

photos: indecorous taste


shoe porn, thanks jc

the new multi colored sequin Lita. already sold out pretty much everywhere, sooo preeeeetty!!

@solestruck and nasty gal

photos from solestruck and nasty gal


sunday top 5

1. Sunny 104.3
one of the south fla local radio stations that play christmas music from thanksgiving til the new year. they started early this year which means i will have a permanent smile on my face until December 25th. i know im a cheeseball but i love it! especially Winter Wonderland by Eurythmics

2. Orlando Bloom
i dare anyone to tell me this man isnt amazingly gorgeous especially in Pirates at Worlds End.

3. ThreadSence 2010 winter lookbook
all the winter looks are pretty fab. this is one of my favs, see the rest of the lookbook here

4. Sequins
sequins are a big trend right now, i see them all over urban, top shop and many other sites. i especially love this scarf from j crew. you can purchase it here

5. Tory Burch wrap cuffs
they come in tons of colors and are great gifts for yourself or a friend.



my girl Kadie was promoted last week to store manager...CONGRATS GIRL!!! so a few of us decided to go to an art show to celebrate...but never made it there, had a few beers and a lotta laughs though!!! :)

top: lf (sale) ; jean shorts: ag ; hat: anthro ; lipstick: kat von d, backstage bambi ; shoes: target (old)


just sayin...

so right now i really want to find the perfect pair of black denim. like these....

or these....either pre-torn or i will glady tear them up myself ;) i love these outfits and the different looks you can get with pretty much the same pants just different tops and accessories.

and i am just in love with this outfit, especially the pants....just sayin.

photos from stockholm streetstyle

so long october...

dressed up as a spider queen for halloween....

with Rex my little monster. more pics to come...



after seeing these shoes over and over on countless of other bloggers, on websites, and in stores, i feel that i just finally need to give in and own them! the Jeffrey Campbell "Lita"- they come in 11 colors that are all fabulous, but i think i would go with the brown...they look fantastic on and i have read many reviews about how comfortable they are. try on at your own risk!! ;)

saw these on solestruck but i know they are also sold at lf stores, for try-on and fit purposes.


check it out!

just doing the usual blog checks for the evening and one of my favs, Gemma from "Fade to Black" posted one of the many articles that her and like 7(exaggerating not really but...) of my other fav bloggers were posted in...check it out, if you havent read these chicks blogs already get on it! they have great style and ideas to get inspired by!

speaking of inspiration, during my lunch break today (while freezing my butt off in our arctic breakroom) i became obessesed with the fact that Alexander Wang has a bag called Angela! (my name incase you didnt get that) im sure im very late with this news but i have just recently became a fan of his. I need to own this!!!!

i am also in love with these flats....

flats by Valentino, $975 ; bag by Alexander Wang, $650


fall, how i love thee.

so excited that it is officially fall! although we dont really have a change of seasons in florida its nice to know the heat will soon be gone!!! took Rex for a walk the other day and had the bf take some pics of my fit! :)

sweatshirt: urban, jeans: lf, boots: f21


sit, stay, love.

through last month and this coming month many Anthropologie stores will be hosting an event called Sit, Stay, Love. An event to help animals in shelters that need and deserve loving homes to be adopted. I work at the Anthro in Boca Raton, FL and our event is being held this Saturday from 12-4pm. We are working with a local non-profit organization called Chesed Rescue and hopefully we will find homes for these dogs! If you live in the area, or even if you dont, check out your local Anthropologie and see when they are hosting their Sit, Stay, Love event and spread the word! The more people that know about it the more possibility there is for adoptions! <3

backstage bambi ;)

so after months of seeing one of my fav bloggers, Gemma from Fade to Black wearing Kat Von D's lipstick "backstage bambi" i finally bought it! i tried it on in Sephora today during my break from work and decided i had to have it!!!!

i love the bright color and with lots of eyeliner it makes a really cool and easy-to-do look! ;)

lipstick: kat von d- backstage bambi @ sephora $18


sobe [miami]

i live in South Florida so this passed weekend a few of my girlfriends and i decided to take a day and a half trip to South Beach! we had a blast, we stayed at the posh Gansevoort hotel on Miami Beach and had lots of good food, drinks, and laughs! we also saw Busta Rhymes at the roof-top pool [random i know but i was so stoked!] and we tryed to secretely stalk and snap pics of him :) Saturday night we had dinner at STK which is a restaurant inside the hotel. they have great everyday american food with a bit of a "fancy" twist added to it. After dinner we went to LIV which is the popular club down there that is inside the Fountain Bleau hotel and ended at Louis which is the club inside the Gansevoort. Warning: South Beach is tons of fun, it is not fun for your funds $$. here are a few pics from the hotel of drinks, busta, and food :) ill post outfit pics when i upload them!

"pink elephants" rock my world!!

roof-top pool @ the gansevoort

busta ;)

"mini big macs" @ STK

truffle cheese fries @ STK

**Have a great week!!** :)



i just got these clogs this weekend and cannot wait to wear them!!!! they are very similar to the jeffrey campbell's i love so much but are much more affordable. stay tuned for the outfit posting! :)
clogs: f21 $24.80


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