the 90's

spending my memorial day weekend watching some of my favorite movies, especially two from the early 90's, 'Don't tell mom the babysitter's dead' and 'My cousin Vinny'. I decided to dedicate this blog post to the great outfits that Christina Applegate and Marisa Tomei wear in these movies!!

love the earrings and the fitted printed jumpsuit in one of my fav. scenes of the movie! I'll end with the clip of it...

Happy Memorial Day weekend all!!!!


"like jasmin and aladdin?" "yes sweetie, but with cocktails"

Can't wait for SATC 2!!!!! I want to be SJP incase I never mentioned it. I just die over her wardrobe!!!



Happy Friday, i took this pic yesterday while playing outside with the pup...i thought this would put a smile on everyones faces :) Have a great weekend!


today's outfit :)

so happy that tomorrow's friday!!! these are just a few pics of the outfit i wore to work today...

tee: f21; harem pants/belt: anthro; shoes: target; bracelets/rings: f21, flea market; shades: ray ban


bberry pic from last weekends marco island getaway, wish i was still poolside! TGIF!! have a great weekend!!


why i havent posted in a while...

Meet Rex! :)

cinco de mayo, ay ay ay!

being from south florida, i feel obligated to dedicate a post to this national holiday. [besides the fact that i love me some good margs and mexican food! ;)]
i decided to post what my fav cinco de mayo apparel and accessory pieces are! [why not dress appropriately for the occasion?!]
i work at anthropologie [incase i never mentioned it] and i LOVE this poncho. it doesnt look so flattering on me, being that im 5 feet tall but i still dream of wearing it with cut-off, torn up denim shorts like these....

from urban outfitters! these are great in the hot so.fla weather and look so trendy and stylish with some great wedges like these...

from Cythia Vincent for Target! one of my fav bloggers @ Ascot Friday has been raving about them and i have to say i share her excitement. they are really fab wedges and @ $29.99 how can you pass them up!

as i have said in previous posts i am obsessed with rings and i sadly missed the boat on the first version of this cross ring from f21 [under my "what i want now section"] however last night while browsing online i found this one!! it comes in this turquoise color and in black and i got both. cant wait for them to be delivered so i can wear them with everything! but i would def rock this one with the above pieces.

all this cinco talk makes me dream of being outside Rocco's Tacos with a pitcher of margaritas and some of their amazing guacamole!! Cheers!! :)


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