3 years!

today is mine and my boyfriends 3 year anniversary and i couldnt feel more happy and blessed to be dating my best friend (corny but true). i love you andrew ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!!
photo by KT Merry


flea market

on my day off i went shopping with my mom and gramma at the flea market and had too much fun!! im pretty obsessed with rings lately so i was on the hunt all day and found a few great ones! there is also an antique mall inside the flea market that had such fun things i could have spent the entire day in there!! i def plan on making a trip back soon so i can take time and really search though things. here are some pics from the day :)

i thought these rings were so cool i had to get one!! they had so many different styles and colors and at $7 who shouldnt have one!

i pretty much love these! Happy Monday!!


buy these!!

i am so in love with all the necklaces and bracelets they sell on dogeared.com!! they are so adorable and awesome gifts for all occasions, all the necklaces and bracelets come in gold and silver and either on string or a chain, and every one has an adorable little saying with it! here is one of my favs from the site...
check it out! im sure you'll find one you absolutely need to have!! :)

necklace: dogeared.com


new obsession.

after seeing the new sex and the city trailer and posting about it, i have been on a mission to find some type of headwrap like sjp has on in the desert scene of the trailer. i found a few, the first 2 from free people and the 3rd from anthropologie...

im thinking of trying to find a cool silky belt or vintage piece that i can make into a cool headwrap, lets just say im on a mission!

music love [regina spektor]

i've been a fan of regina spektor for a long time, but recently i am obessed with listening to her, and one of her songs i constantly have on replay is "folding chair" i freakin love it!!! she's awesome, and her style both in singing and fashion is so inspiring. heres a video of her performing "folding chair" live.



i have always loved myself a good headband/headwrap but as of late im becomming obsessed with interesting headgear! my friend natalie and i always bounce inspiration off eachother and she told me to check out the SATC2 trailer to see SJP's awesome headgear and i am in love!!! i want to know where to find what she is wearing or figure out how to re-create it myself. i found one good pic but check out the trailer and fall in love with the fashion all over again! :)


why i love florida...

i love living in florida for many reasons, one of them is because i can wear tanks, shorts and sandals basically everyday! Another is because i am now loving the idea of oversized racerback tanks with bandeaus under them!! like this...
under this..
this under this

i got a really awesome tank from LF at their 60% off sale and plan on wearing it just like this with leggings or torn up jeans or shorts! it looks really cute when you put it together...try it!

tanks: urban outfitters and top shop, bandeaus: anthropologie and urban


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