i love Mila Kunis, and the McQueen(rip) dress she wore to the SAG Awards was perfection!!
on another note, my sister is getting married this weekend!!!! ahhh i cant wait but this is going to be one crazy week! ill try and post outfit pics if i get around to it, otherwise there will just be a lot after Feb 5th!! ;)


lover not a fighter.

tee: f21 ; shoes: jc lita @ solestruck

wore this to dinner last night with two of my best girl friends from high school. i love this tshirt from forever, especially since Rex is half Pitbull, gotta represent! and taa-dahhh...the Lita's! i had an older woman tell me i looked like i was walking on stilts haha, i love these shoes. hope everyone has an absolutely fantastic weekend! :)

xx Ang


happy accident.

tee: f21 ; jeans: ag ; necklace: anthro ; shoes: lf ; bag: marc by marc jacobs ; shades: ray ban ; bracelet: random boutique ; lipstick: kat von d, backstage bambi

woke up a little late for work the other morning (what else is new) and just threw this outfit on. it ended up being my happy accident for the day. got lots of compliments and my own grandmother didn't even recognize me ;)

On a more exciting note...got my LITA'S today!!!! whoop whoop!!!
so stoked def wearing them tomorrow and will post some fantastic pics. behold the beauty below...the second one is of Rex checkin 'em out, he has to make sure everything is copacetic haha

jeffrey campbell, lita: from solestruck

have a lovely evening all, day off on friday so my weekend officially starts tomorrow!! :)

xx Ang


S is for Striped.

blazer, pants and bracelets: f21 ; tee and necklace: anthro ; shoes: urban

i have had this striped blazer from forever literally forever and loved it with these harem-ish pants. the multi-chain necklace is one of my fav's, it dresses up anything and the shoes i have in like 3 colors, they rock!

i wanted to shout a HUGE Thank You to all of you that read and have been commenting, you dont even know how much i appreciate it and im glad you all love the blog! :) :) :)

have a wonderful week!

xx Ang


walking after midnight

maxi dress: anthro ; tunic and boots: f21 ; socks: lf ; shades: ray ban

took rex for a walk after work and had the bf snap some photos.
cant wait til i get an slr camera so they look better than from my cybershot ha!
love this torn up tunic i got the other day from forever, it worked perfectly over the dress, and i couldnt help myself when i saw these leopard print socks! cant wait to wear them with my Lita's when i get them this week!! eeeeh!
happy sunday ;) enjoy!

xx Ang



ordered my pair tonight from Solestruck and cannot wait for the lovely ups man to come-a-knockin!

Solestruck is an amazing website, Lita has been sold out everywhere and when you put your email in the mailing list they really come through!!! :)

I'm one happy girl right now (if you cant tell)

Have a wonderful night!!!

xx ANG


the Iris Van Herpen X United Nude IRIS SHOE -- BADASS for a lack of better words.
@ Solestruck and seen on my fav Kim K.

try not to drool all over your keyboard ;)
x Ang

day off.

spending my day off browsing the web. love these photos from Stockholm Streetstyle, I could post millions but decided to hold myself back ;) have a wonderful wednesday!

xx Ang



sweatshirt: urban; jeans: lf; shoes: from mommy.

lately the weather cant make up its mind...hot, cold, hot, cold. blah!
love this navajo printed sweatshirt, it has pockets which is always a selling point for me.

i will now spend the rest of my sunday laying with my dog and watching football. :)
xx Ang


LF = Love.

i love the styling of these photos! they inspire me to be fabulous in 2011!
photos from lfstores.com



just a few of my many favorites in the solestruck spring lookbook. see the entire lookbook here! Happy New Year to all!!! :) enjoy! xx Ang


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