vampires and vodka

two of my fellow Anthro girls and i went to go see the Twilight Trilogy on the opening night of the newest movie Eclipse and we had a blast!! Eclipse was awesome, best of the series so far!! there is a theatre in Boca that has a 21 and up area called the premier where you sit on comfy love seats and can bring your food and drinks (in this case vodka tonic and pizza) in the theatre with you. My girl Kadie and I looked like tweedle dee and tweedle dumb, unintentionally of course with the exception of the I <3 Edward shirts. I will easily see this movie 5 more times, dont judge me ;) here are a few photos from Kadie's bberry...

outside the Nordstrom Eclipse window

we <3 edward! (tanks from Nordstrom, BP section)

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