Happy 4th of July!!!

independence day happens to be one of my favorite holidays, it takes me back to when i was younger and my gramma would dress my older sister and i in the same outfits, she hated it. my grandpa was a big 4th fan, he always got the best fireworks, which is probably why i can sit and watch the sky for hours on nights like this. this post is dedicated to all the men and women out there risking their lives everyday to keep us free! i pray you all come home safe. on a more fashionable note, here are some red white and blue pieces that will show pride and style at the same time...
i would wear all four of these with cut off denim shorts!!! ps i am sooo wearing a red bandana on my head today...loveee :)

1: topshop $40- 2: f21 $14.90- 3: urban $38- 4: urban $28-

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