top 10 on sunday!

1. cafe con leche.
i have a cuban bf so, shocker that i love this ;)

2. Fade to Black.
one of my absolute favorite bloggers, her sense of style is so inspiring!

3. kelly green nail polish.
i am obsessed with this shade of green as of late. this one is essie "pretty edgy".

4. tokyo milk #15
we sell tokyo milk at anthro so i have become a fan, i just bought "french kiss" and am loving it right now!

5. cropped t-shirts.
i have a new found love for cropped tees, they just pair so well with torn denim shorts or harem pants! [tee from urban outfitters.]

6. Rex <3
my sweet [not so little] boy! he is losing his manhood tomorrow :(

7. chic prints nail patches.
these are the coolest things ever!! they come in different prints and are easy to put on and remove. [from sephora $15]

8. twilight saga!
yes i am one of these girls. can't wait to see all 3 movies in a row tuesday night!

9. bloody mary
nothing like a good bloody on an early sunday afternoon!

10. the wizarding world of harry potter!
can't even explain how excited i am that this opened in universal: islands of adventure in orlando!! can't wait to go in mid-july with my sister!!


Jonesy said...

I 100% agree with a lot of these choices! I loveeee that blog as well (and yours of course too), love the nail polish, and i'm so excited for Eclipse to come out : ) woo hoo! have a great sunday


Anonymous said...

i looooove this!!! zoie loves #6! blog more! i have missed you!!!


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