i want, i need...i want!

so Anthropologie has these so unbelievably cute coin purse necklaces and I am, to say the least OBSESSED!! I want one of these necklaces so bad, but I'm a little thrown off by the $228 price. I am, as I type trying to come up with a DIY project to make one of my own, if I have any success with this idea I will be sure to post!! meanwhile check out the fabulousness that is below!! ;)

necklace: Anthropologie

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Anonymous said...

it is natalie! i wore this necklace around work for an hour the other day, after this old lady brought it to my attention in the case. then! another old lady tried to convince me it was a necessary purchase that i just needed to make. thank goodness i was practicing self control that day. but it was a close call. if you can recreate the loveliness that is this necklace i would love you forever and ever. (not like i don't already, but...you know what i mean!)


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