obsessed: mka.

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photos from Olsens Anonymous

I am so obsessed with these 4 photos of MKA I had to share them.
1. Ashley: I die for that hat, I am just in love with the photo in general
2. Elle UK Photoshoot: the pieces are simply to die for!
3. MK: I am so inspired by this look. I've wanted a pair of platform loafers for a while now and hers are ideal. Did I mention the run in her tights?!?!!
4. Dynamic Duo: This pic is so cute, I love that they are both wearing red lipstick. Although you can't see the entire looks, they're still always styled beautifully.

xx A

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LPFashionPhilosophy said...

So pretty! We are totally obsessed with them too, haha! Love.

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ox from NYC!



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