obsessed [reading]

its been a while since ive posted anything, ive had a lot going on lately, my sisters engagement party last weekend and my birthday this weekend. but lately ive been realllll obsessed with reading (the twilight saga to be specific) i have not read the books until now, and being that i am so obsessed with the movies i figured it was only a matter of time until the books captivated me. i started reading the last two books basically because, one of my early b-day gifts was the 3 disc edition of "New Moon". watching it over and over made me so interested in what was going to happen next that i found myself searching the internet for a pdf version of "Eclipse". i know it comes out in theatres in a few months and i should just wait, but the suspense was killing me!! after i finished "Eclipse" (in 3 days, only because i had to stop reading to work) i was crazy to read the last of the saga "Breaking Dawn"! im almost through it now, and i just started reading it yesterday. i know i am so late in the obsession of these addicting stories, but for those that are still in the dark, just give in to the urge and read them, i can promise you wont be disappointed! One of my managers at work that also loves the books and movies, told me to check out Stephenie Meyer's website because she has written another part of the story called "Midnight Sun" which is Edward's version of "Twilight". The book is in his perspective instead of Bella's and it is for a lack of better words, awesome! ive only read the beginning but after i finish "Breaking Dawn" i have every intention of conquering that one as well! Now that i got my crazed obsession off my chest all i can say is, again if you havent already, READ THEM!!! :)

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