bold statement [nail color]

i never really used to care about painting my finger nails (mostly because im really bad at it) but lately i am really into bold nail color!! essie is my favorite brand of nail polish and i have really been in love with the colors as of late, more than usual!!! right now mine are yellow (hellooo spring!) and i used a polish that i found randomly while wondering around cvs, by milani nail lacquer called "lemongello"
heres some of my favs and the first one is of course the newly popular "mint candy apple"


AttemptingStyle said...

i love cool nail polish, though darker intense colors are my jam, and OPI is my favorite. I am feeling that mint/purple though. too bad I don't have the mint in time for tomorrow.

divine bunny said...

essie is great nailpolish.

the first colour is the best for sure.


LoliTa said...

love the green!



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