Rex turns 4!

My baby boy turned 4 this week! Yes, I am one of those crazy people that's obsessed with their dog. I cannot believe he is already 4, time really flies. Here are some shots from his "party" aka me singing and giving him the cake I baked...

 photo IMG_2274.jpg

 photo 7c9eae3e-9cb6-42d7-affb-e988ac05f4d0.jpg

 photo IMG_2279.jpg

 photo IMG_2276.jpg

 photo IMG_2280.jpg

 photo IMG_2281.jpg

 photo IMG_2284.jpg

 photo 81018fa4-955f-48e5-a10b-47eee9f2513f.jpg

The cake was a hit! After he licked off almost all the "icing" I let him eat the bottom tier and he loved it! You can get the recipe for the cake here, the only change I made was adding bananas because they are Rex's favorite.
TGIF! Have a good weekend!

xx, A

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