insta diary - my weekend.

Friday: my fav new boots and sweater.
Saturday: MAC lipstick "Rebel", leopard print boots, Rebecca Minkoff, and Santa!
Sunday: toaster strudel made by the bf, Rex the beggar, and charity bowling game for St. Jude Children's Hospital. :)

Happy Sunday!! I'm pretty obsessed with my new boots from the first set of pics. I never thought I could wear tall boots being that I have chicken legs but they work! I'll post a better pic of them this week ;). So proud of our bowling game for St. Jude, I know we'll raise a ton of money for that charity and it feels so good! How cute are the shirts?! Hope everyone had a fab weekend. Finally having a well deserved day off, spending it with the bf and Rexy on the couch...my kinda Sunday.

xx A

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