so inspired...

One woman who I have always been inspired by is Judy Garland. She was an amazing actress and singer and as long as I can remeber I have been just in awe of her. Her beauty always astounded me and her voice could give anyone chills, especially in the movie "Meet Me in St. Louis" [watch it!] when she sings "Over the Banister". She is someone that I think deserves to be recognized and honored, she accomplished so much in her life and was the best at what she did. And if there are people out there that dont know who Judy Garland is...WAKE UP is all I can say to you! I was also always very inspired by the costumes she worn in her movies. Meet Me in St. Louis is my absolute favorite [other than of course the Wizard of Oz] she had such a great wardrobe in that movie, I would love to wear any of those garments, even now! The adorable blue and white striped "tennis" dress she wore with the white hat, bow tie and knee high socks was a favorite of mine. These are a few pictures of her that I love! She is one person that I wish I could have met.

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